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Latest Releases:
-08/17/11: Detective Conan File 771 English out! Enjoy!
This was done like 2 days ago... Sorry for the wait!

-07/29/11: Liselotte and Witch's Forest Ch.01 English out!
Please give your thanks to Teap for translating!

-05/25/11: Magic Kaito Vol.2 Ch.01 English is now up!

Official Manga Dates:
Case Closed Vol. 62 goes on sale April 11th!!
Case Closed Vol. 61 now on sale!
Detective Conan Vol.91 now on sale!

The Latest Files: Shonen Sunday Issue #13 02-22-2017 (03/08) File 988 - 『ヴァイオレーシヨン』 - "Violation" - To be continued in Issue #14 March 1st.
_____Shonen Sunday Issue #14 03-01-2017 (03/15) File 989 - 『ブザービーター』 - "Buzzer Beater" - To be continued in Issue #17 March 22nd.

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