Gosho Aoyama Q & A

It turns out that the table of contents is also where authors answer questions put to them by the magazine :D
Thanks to Harley's translations, exclusively for conan-magic.com, we now have some insight into Gosho's life,
even if just a little.


18. None.

19. Q: What is the best movie of the last two or three years?
A: "Nasu: Summer in Andalusia"! (Nasu: Andarushia no Natsu)
         Info on Nasu, a bicycling anime by one of the
         Ghibli folks. Wiki Article

20. Q: Sensei, what is one of your "small pleasures"?
A: The police drama "Aibou" (Partner), as well as the anime "Kaiji". (laughs)
         Here's some info on "Kaiji" in English.
         And info on Aibou.
21-22. Q: Please tell us what has inspired you recently?
A: "Galileo". (laughs)
         Galileo is a current TV drama.

23. Q: If a museum had an exhibition on any subject, what would you want it to be about?
A: Successive generations of swordsmasters and generals armor and katanas. (laughs)
24. Q: If you could make one law, what would it be?
A: I've often said I would make it so there were eight days in a week! (laughs)
25. Q: Could you tell us what is a book that has made you cry?
A: "Natsu no Sorairo" by Riyouko Takahashi!
Amazon JP listing
27. Q: What would you like most right now?
A: Well, more of hours of sleep! (laughs)
28. Q: Of all the presents you've gotten up until now, what is the most memorable?
A: The Minami Asakura shikashi that Adachi-sensei gave me (laughs).
Note: Minami Asakura is the love interest in Mitsuru Adachi's mega-popular series "Touch" (1981-1986). A "shikashi" is often described as an art board. Its a piece of paper attached to a sturdy backing. They are often used for autographs or small, quick sketches with are signed by a mangaka and given away.
29. Q: Tell us about a good store that is near your home.
A: The bookstore and the video rental store (laughs).
30. Q: Please tell us a tune that when you hear it, it makes you feel tense?
A: Furuhata Ninzaburou's theme song (laughs).
Furuhata Ninzaburou (a Japanese police drama) A remixed version of the song also appears in Dance Dance Revolution.
31. Q: Please tell us what your favorite fairytale is?
A: "Saiyuki!" I really like Goku... but is this really a fairytale...? (laughs)
32. Q: If you had the opportunity to work together with someone else of your choosing, who would it be?
A:"Furuhata Ninzaburo's" Koki Mitani-san, "Aibou's" Yasuhiro Koshimizu-san and "SP's" Kazuki Kaneshiro-san (laughs).
Aoyama mentioned Furuhata Ninzaburo last week. Koki Mitani is the series' creator and a playwrite.
Aibou (Partners) is a drama. Yasuhiro Koshimizu is one of the writers on the show.
Kazuki Kaneshiro is a novelist who wrote the popular book "Go".
33. Q: Please tell us a meal that you can cook and are proud of?
A: Well, I haven't made it in quite awhile, but... curry (laughs).
34. Q: When you're reading your current series, what sort of music do you like to have on in the background?
A: I like to listen to some of the background music and theme songs from the Conan anime... (laughs)
35. Q: Please tell us your favorite proverb and why?
A: Become quick, like the wind, and slow like the forest, aggressive like fire, and be unmoving like a mountain. (laughs)
36-37. Q: Are there any TV commercials that have made an impression on you lately?
A: Most commercials are pretty forgettable… Nagashio-san’s “Pressure has to be fun” one is good. (laughs)
39. Q: What is your longest running accomplishment or practice?
A: Kendo, because I liked Tetsuya Chiba-sensei's 'Ore no Teppei'. (laughs)
Tetsuya Chiba is probably best known for his series 'Ashita no Joe' (Tomorrow's Joe).
'Ore wa Teppei' ran from 1973 though 1980 in Weekly Shonen Magazine.
40. Q: Other than manga magazines, please tell us one of the magazines you like to read?
A: I read fashion magazines for information on clothes. (laughs)
41. Q: When you think about autumn, what foods come to mind?
A: Probably the 20th Century Pear. They're delicious. (laughs)
20th Century Pears (I had never heard of them either)
42. Q: Please tell us something that recently made you think "that's new!"
A: I had to get the new Haibara Prada mobile phone. (laughs)
43. Q: Do you have any memories of a sports match, play or concert?
A: I saw the Mariners play the Yankees in New York and Matsui suddenly hit a homerun. (laughs)
45. Q: What would you do if you won the lottery?
A: The first thing I would brag about it to my friends, until they started pestering me! (laughs)
46. Q: If you could open a store, what kind would it be?
A: Probably a curry shop. (laughs)
47. Q: What is something you've kept since you were a child and not thrown out?
A: My body. (laughs)
48. Q: Please tell us who you think is the strongest person in the world?
A: Saiyuki's "Son Goku"!!
49. Q: Please tell us if you have a regular song you like to sing at karaoke?
A: I don't, because I'm tone deaf. (laughs)
50. Q: Is there anything you'd like to try doing that you haven't?
A: Space travel! But I don't have the physical strenght for it. (laughs)
51. Q: What's the most unusual thing you've eaten?
A: At a party my first year of college one of my senpai forced me to eat a whole roasted sparrow. (laughs)
52. None.


01. Q: Up until now, what is your biggest impulse buy?
A: At American Disneyland, I bought a Mickey ornament. (laughs)
2/3. Q: Please tell us how you make it through the winter?
A: A hokaron. (laughs)
Note: A "hokaron" is a disposable, portable, heating pad made by the Lotte company.
4/5. Q: What's the longest you've ever stayed awake for, and why?
A: When I was making an anime in college with my manga club. We stayed up for nearly three days. (laughs)
06. Q: Please tell us about a time when you felt good about things.
A: I guess it's when I finish my manuscripts. (laughs)
07. Q: What is your earliest memory?
A: Going to the movie theater to see "Nagagutsu wo Haita Neko: Pero no Daibouken" (Puss in Boots: Pero's Big Adventure).
08. Q: What is something that you wish will disappear before the 22nd century?
A: Cockroaches, flies, things like that. Insect related stuff.
09. Q: Please tell us a scene from an anime that has remained in your heart.
A: It was a scene from "Tiger Mask" where Tiger tore his groin muscle after being dropped on the ring ropes. (laughs)
10. Q: Please tell us something you'd like to talk about, but you never have the opportunity to discuss.
A: Kurosawa films. (laughs)
13. Q: If you were a producer, who or what would you produce?
A: Curry. (laughs)
14. Q: What is the coolest scene you've ever seen?
A: A million dollar night scene. (laughs)
15. Q: Is there a piece of music that makes you think "I can't help but cry when I hear this"?
A: Miyuki Nakajima's "Fight!" (cries)
16. Q: Please tell us a site on the internet that you like to check frequently.
A: A Kyojin site. (laughs)
(Shonen Magazine's classic baseball manga series "Kyojin no Hoshi".)
17. Q: Please tell us something that is improbable but that you still believe.
A: For the Japanese to win the W Cup in soccer. (laughs)
18. Q: Were there some cheap sweets that you liked as a child?
A: Masked Rider Snacks. I liked the cards that came with it. (laughs)
19. Q: Please tell us about a recent design which you think is cool.
A: Samurai Japan's mark. (laughs)
20. Q: When extraterrestrials arrive, where would you take them to show them what represents Japan?
A: The top of Tokyo Tower. (laughs)
21-22. None
23. Q: Is there a show you'd like to see brought back to television?
A: "SP"! I want them to continue it! (laughs)
24. Q: Up to now, what's the best thing you've done for your parents?
A: ... Nothing much... (laughs) [That's kind of wrong >.> -Magic]
25. Q: Was there something or someone that you yearned for when you were a kid?
A: Of course, to be Shigeo Nagashima!
Note: Shigeo Nagashima is a legendary baseball player in Japan, and also happened to appear on the cover of the very first issue of Shonen Sunday in 1959.
26. Q: What is a food that you associate with your mother?
A: Curry rice. *laughs*
27. Q: Please tell us about something you've recently discovered.
A: Reserving movie tickets through the internet. (laughs)
28. Q: Is there a piece of furniture you'd like to see evolve and why?
A: A wristwatch with a tranquilizer gun feature. (laughs)
29. Q: Please tell us who you think the funniest celebrities in showbiz are.
A: DAIGO. (laughs)
30. Q: What manga character's ability would you like to have?
A: Son Goku's Kintoun (Flying Nimbus).
31. Q: What's a messy or cute thing you've seen recently?
A: Totoro. (laughs)
32. Q: Please tell us about a television performance you enjoyed recently.
A: Millionaire. (laughs)
33. None.
34. Q: Please tell us your most favorite manga, drama or anime.
A: An old drama called “Pro-Hunter” (laughs).
35. Q: When have you felt the most Japanese in your life?
A: When wearing a kendo helmet (laughs).
36. Q: Has there been a word whose name you don’t understand?
A: Deadball…(laughs) If I remember correctly the original meaning is different…
(Note: Deadball in Japanese baseball is when a pitcher strikes a batter. In English, deadball refers to an era in baseball prior to Babe Ruth’s playing days known for low scoring games.)
37. Q: What’s the most amazing place in your neighborhood?
A: Of course I’d say the “20th Century Pears” (laughs).
38. None.
39. Q: What is something that’s been an impulse buy?
A: How often I rent DVDs (laughs).
40. Q: What do you think are some of the true evolutions that will be made in the 21st century?
A: Terrestrial radio! (laughs).
41. Q: What’s one place you’d like to go at some point in your life?
A: Sochi (Laughs) (Note: Site of Russian Winter Olympics in 2014)
42-43. Q: What is one advanced function you’d like added to cell phones?
A: A voice altering device (laughs).
44. Q: When you were a kid, what was your favorite giant monster?
A: Of course, Gamera! (laughs).
45. None.
46. Q: If asked by a foreigner what a typical Japanese gag is, what would you tell them?
A: Kato-chan-pe? (laughs). (I googled this and found some mentions of it, but I'm not quite sure how the pun works.)
47. Q: Do you have an embarrassing childhood memory that you can’t forget?
A: I’ve forgotten (laughs).
48. Q: When you go to sleep, what’s a dream that you can remember having?
A: I’m being chased by something and as I run the earth opens up and I start to fall… it’s rather ominous… (laughs).
49. Q: What’s a film that you might say “is a difficult film to understand, but it’s one of my favorites!”?
A: Kappu no Sekai (Cup of the World) (laughs).
50. Q: Please tell us your favorite kanji character and the reason.
A: The kanji "samurai"! And of course it's because of the WBC... (Laughs)
Note: "Samurai" in this case refers to Japan's national team in the WBC or World Baseball Classic.
51. Q: Assuming you could take a ride in a time machine, what era would you go to?
A: I'd go ten years into the future to make sure Ichiro (Suzuki) continues to get hits at the same pace. (laughs)
52. Q: What sort of background image do you have on your cell phone?
A: Whatever I like at the moment. (laughs)


01. Q: What's a song that you like to hear during the winter?
A: No doubt, it's Christmas music. (laughs)
2-3. Q: What was the last meal that you ate that you can recalling being particularly delicious?
A: The Indo-Curry I had at the Osaka World's Fair. (laughs)
4-5. Q: Personally, what's the best news you heard this year?
A: WBC Samurai Japan's victory. (laughs) (Note: WBC is the World Baseball Classic.)
06. Q: If you suddenly had a month off, what would you do with your time?
A: Sleep! Nothing but sleep!! (laughs)
07. Q: When you're alone, what sort of things do you think deeply about?
A: Baseball, soccer, the Olympics... (laughs)
08. None.
09. Q: What happened the instant you decided you wanted to become a mangaka?
A: I actually wrote "I want to do this" in my the program from my elementary school graduation... (laughs)
10. Q: If you could be reborn as an animal, what sort of animal would you like to be?
A: A slot, because I would like to be lazy. (laughs)
11. Q: Before you die, is there a certain kind of food you would like to try? And what would it be?
A: Suyabashi Jiro's sushi. (laughs)
Note: Jiro, the chef at the restuarant "Suyabashi Jiro" is recognized as a living national treasure by the Japanese government. His restaurant is extremely popular.
12. Q: Is there an occupation you wanted to have when you were a child?
A: I wanted to be Ultra Seven. (laughs)
Note: Ultra Seven was one of the Ultra Brothers which included Ultraman among others.
13. Q: What is your favorite home appliance?
A: My Blu-ray recorder than I just bought! (laughs)
14. Q: What's your favorite four kanji word?
A: "Kaitouranma" (solving a problem swiftly), "Denkousekka" (lightning speed), and "Shippudotou" (waves created by hurricanes) are some of my favorite words. (laughs)
15. Q: What sort of things did you like to play when you were a kid?
A: Only baseball... (laughs)
16. Q: Please tell us your favorite person from the last days of the Tokugawa Shogunate.
A: It's gotta be Ryoma! In those closing days,Ryoma Sakamoto was such a visionary. (laughs)
17. Q: On mankinds final day, what would you like to do?
A: Eat something delicious, probably curry! (laughs)
18. Q: Now that spring is here, what sort of things do you most associate with the season?
A: My assistant Negishi always starts sneezing from his hayfever.
19. None.
20. Q: When you were a child, what was a toy you really, unbearably wished you had?
A: Jumbo Machine! My friend had one and I was ultra-jealous! (laughs)
21. Q: What do you do when you take a break from work?
A: Sports and watching games. (laughs)
22/23. Q: In your experience, have you ever thought, "This is amazing!"
A: In Las Vegas while I was waiting on a bus I got a jackpot on a slot machine. (laughs)
24. Q: If you manga could be turned into a film, who would you want to play the main character?
A: Probably Oguri Shun. *laughs*
*Oguri Shun played Shinichi in the first two live action tv specials.
25. Q: When you go to the convience store to buy something, what do you get?
A: A sandwich. *laughs*
26. Q: What are some words to live by?
A: Boy. *laughs*
27. Q: What historical figure have you ever thought "I'd like to illustrate his story" about?
A: Probably Nobunaga. (laughs)
28. Q: Please tell me what songs you like to hum along to?
A: Like Conan I'm tone-deaf and can't sing. (laughs)
29. Q: What was the last CD you bought?
A: B'z "Ai no mama ni wagamama ni boku wa kimi dake wo kizutsukenai". (laughs)
30. Q: Please tell me if there is there a manga character who gave a particularly memorable speech?
A: In Mobile Suit Gundam: Meguriai Uchuu when Amuro says, "Uchuu..." ("Space...") (laughs)
36-37. Q: Have you ever loved a particular manga character? If so, what series were they from?
A: Lupan III's Fujiko-chan and Touch's Minami-chan. (laughs)
38. Q: When you were a child, were there any manga or picture books that made a lasting impression on you?
A: Probably Peter Pan. (laughs)
39. Q: Please tell us some things you loved about your hometown.
A: The watermelon is delicious, the fruit is delicious and snow crabs are delicious. (laughs)
40. Q: Are you a dog person or a cat person? Or is there some other kind of animal that you prefer?
A: I'm definetely a dog person. (laughs)
41. Q: Please tell us a task you would like to attempt.
A: I'd like to take a vacation somewhere for the first time in four years. (laughs)
42. Q: Please tell us an athelete that you like.
A: The Giant's Sakimoto and Samurai Blue's Honda. (laughs)

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From Issue #26 2008 - No Conan in it but a nice line from Gosho on Adachi.